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kicchip_logo FREE introduction to microcontrollers.

A KicChip is a microcontroller containing a bootloader for downloading a program.

  • The software for designing your programs is BASIC (a style of PBASIC)
  • Our Flowchart Tool is absolutely FREE.
  • You can produce (burn) your own KicChip using our downloadable FREE firmware.

KicChips come in a range of sizes (pins) 8 , 18 , 28 & 40 pins.


KicStudio - Compile, Flow, Simulate

Kic Studio 5.x Kic Studio5.6.2 is a FREEpowerful tool for programming KicChips, it inlcudes:
  • BASIC Compiler
  • Flowchart Designer
  • Simulator
  • Code Difference Tools
  • FREE Firmware For ALL KicChips!

Press Release ALL Kic Firmware (FREE)

Kic Firmware is the FREE code that "makes" a kicchip, burn your own:

  • Kic8
  • Kic18
  • Kic28
  • Kic40


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