KicChip IDE

For Wiring/Arduino/C/C++/BASIC.

A single IDE for your favourite platform: Linux/Apple/Windows/RaspberryPi (TM)

(Does not require Java/Python/.NET installation)




Use Wiring/Arduino compatible libraries, or use pure C/C++

The IDE can work with pure C/C++, or can link to wiring/arduino compatible set of KicChip libraries.


Modify libraries within the IDE

Libraries provided by KicChip are developed using the KicChip IDE, so you have complete control over them.


Standard Library Specifications

All libraries provided by KicChip have a single specification that is shared across all implementations, giving you consistency in your applications.


Compile multiple targets - within a single project

Helps to ensure your application or library code is compatible across targets


Raspberry Pi


Intel Galileo

Intel Galileo







Breadboard Attiny, ATMega,PIC32 etc



Modify project options

Turn On/Off important compiler options - such as warnings and optimizations



Build your projects on the KicChip Kloud (Optional)

KicChip IDE can be split into 2 parts:

1. User interface



2. Kloud server



Possible User,Kloud,Target combinations..

User Kloud Target
linux linux linux
linux linux rpi_logo
linux linux attiny
linux apple linux
linux apple rpi_logo
linux apple attiny
linux windows linux
linux windows rpi_logo
linux windows attiny
linux rpi_logo rpi_logo
User Kloud Target
apple linux linux
apple linux rpi_logo
apple linux attiny
apple apple linux
apple apple rpi_logo
apple apple attiny
apple windows linux
apple windows rpi_logo
apple windows attiny
apple rpi_logo rpi_logo
User Kloud Target
windows linux linux
windows linux rpi_logo
windows linux attiny
windows apple linux
windows apple rpi_logo
windows apple attiny
windows windows linux
windows windows rpi_logo
windows windows attiny
windows rpi_logo rpi_logo
User Kloud Target
rpi_logo linux linux
rpi_logo linux rpi_logo
rpi_logo linux attiny
rpi_logo apple linux
rpi_logo apple rpi_logo
rpi_logo apple attiny
rpi_logo windows linux
rpi_logo windows rpi_logo
rpi_logo windows attiny
rpi_logo rpi_logo rpi_logo